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Welcome to FinYork!

We are investors who enjoy, continuously learn, and benefit from investing. But, we learned many of the things the hard way – by making mistakes and taking years to learn. It doesn’t have to be that way for you. Our goal is to break down complex investing topics, provide independent analysis and opinion in an easy to understand way. So that we continuously learn, overcome our fears, and become better investors.

Whether you are looking to generate regular passive income, diversify into alternative assets, or increase your returns we have something useful for you. We will take you along on our investing ride, make sense of the markets, analyze trends, generate investing ideas, and learn from each other.

Where to Start?

All content on FinYork are created or curated through the lens of an investor. We cut through the noise and help investors in their decision making. The site is organized into the following key sections or categories:

  • Ideas round up interesting ideas, analysis, research, or insights that you can benefit from as investors
  • Opinion covers FinYork’s opinion and viewpoint on various topics – investing, psychology, productivity, and technology
  • Basics cover investing and real estate basics for you to get started


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