How to invest in REITs?

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Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Investor Question #87: I would like to get exposure to real estate asset class through REITs. Where do I start?

We’ve seen that REITs or REIT funds are a popular way to invest in real estate as they behave like stocks and can be bought through various brokerages. Many of the brokerages (for e.g. Fidelity, Merrill, Charles Schwab et.) also provide material and research on REITs as they do for stocks of companies.

You can research and trade with your brokerage. Another great resource to understand the world of REITs is Nareit. It provides a listing or directory of REITs and you can search and research based on various criteria as shown below.

Source: Nareit

Nareit also provides a list of REIT funds in addition to various other resources to get started with your research.