We at FinYork are available to provide consulting to companies of all sizes. You may be a startup, mid-size business, or a large enterprise. Our goal is to be the voice of investors and be your trusted advisor, whether you’re an investor group, developer, or asset manager. We at FinYork are experienced in financial services, real estate, and technology. We add value to both business and technology and are adept at bridging the gap between the two. How can we add value?

We can help you grow fast and scale

FinYork consultants have created and implemented business and technology strategies for 20+ companies of various sizes. This includes creating and implementing product roadmaps at 5+ Commercial Real Estate and Financial Services companies. The same can be done for you. Are you looking for someone to create or update digital strategy, budget, roadmap, or technology solutions? FinYork is here for you.

We can streamline and improve performance of your business

FinYork has streamlined Business, Technology, Finance, and Operations using industry-leading Agile & Lean practices at 15+ organizations. Along the way, we developed 20+ products and solutions leveraging Cloud, SaaS, API, Mobile, and modern web architecture. Do you need someone to create and implement your products using cloud, SaaS, API, or mobile strategy for your entire division? We are here for you.

We can meet your human capital needs

Our experience lends itself to Management or Board Advisory consulting for companies of all sizes. We are adept at the top focus areas for many companies including Investor Relations, Asset Management, Technology, and Product roles. We don’t mind being part-time or temporary as we measure ourselves by the value we add. Look us up if you want someone to review spend, streamline operations, select technology as well as negotiate contracts with your service vendors and partners.

We are independent

We are independent and hence we will only have your and your customers’ best interests in mind. No other agenda. We will focus on delivering results for you and your customers, not on the number of hours we spend. We will work with you on long-term business success as well as short-term tactics and pivots to get to long-term success.

If you’re interested and would like to discuss more, please drop us an email. Otherwise, enjoy the blog!



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